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10 in 20 – Day 2 – Down a pound

Welcome to Day 2.  You’re gonna hurt.

I ate too little yesterday, no doubt about it.  Shortly after midnight, my head and stomach hurt pretty bad.  I was screaming at myself, inside my head as I usually do, to eat SOMETHING.  I refused and just went to bed.  See, I’m letting you in on my sickness, my body was telling me to eat and I refused.  Now, I refused because, if I ate at that time I would eat a TON.  Two, three bowls of cereal.  A huge sandwich.  Something and a lot of something.  So I just went to be hungry.

In the morning, my head hurt even worse than it had before.  At about 7AM it was so bad I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and fixed me some instant oatmeal.  Ate a bowl of it and went back a rested for another hour or so, feeling much better.

My usual routine is to get up, get ready and leave the house.  I never eat breakfast and usually do not eat for an hour or two (or three) after getting up.  Usually I’ll eat around 10:30am or 11am.  That may have to change.  I may need to eat SOMETHING before getting going in the mornings.

Today went well and I consciously ate a little more than yesterday, while still staying in my WW daily points allowance.  I also started taking a daily vitamin this morning.  Everything I read about losing weight and such says to do so, so I did.  I actually take them off and on, but I’m going to be more conscious about taking one daily now.


Anyway, after getting up, the second time, and getting ready I weighed myself.  177 lbs!  Down a pound already!  My head works this way though, “Crap!  I should have weighed myself BEFORE eating the oatmeal.  I might have weighed less!”  I didn’t eat a POUND of oatmeal, but my head still goes that way.

So, onto what I ate today.


2 Packets of Quaker Maple & Brown Sugar Lower Sugar Instant Oatmeal.  WW Points = 6

Love Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal.  Always have.  SECRET:  Love eating this stuff right out of the packet.  No water, no heating up.  You heard me. Love it that way.  I ate it in a bowl with water this morning.


Porto’s Southwest Steak Salad (No dressing, tortilla strips or cheese) & Bottle of water. WW Points = 12 (estimate)

I love this salad form Portos, a cuban restaurant right across the street from my office.  Little tricky to figure out the exact points here as Portos doesn’t have their nutrition available but really only the avocado, steak and black beans count (and I think in my tally I actually over counted the beans.  The salad comes standard (like a car) with tortilla strips, cheese and slathered in dressing.  I ordered without the tortilla strips and cheese and asked for dressing on the side.  When they brought it they forgot the dressing.  For a brief second I was going to ask for it then decided I didn’t need it.  Great salad


Apple Slices – WW Points = 1 (I say apples are 0, but according to the nutrition on the back of the bag they are 1.)

Mid afternoon snack of some apple slices.  Same picture as yesterday, but it’ll save time to recycle pictures.


Subway 6″ Turkey on Wheat, Baked Lays Sour Cream & Onion Chips & Bottled Water.  WW Points = 11 Points
Yeah, the chips add more to the point total but, as I said earlier, I wanted to eat a little more than yesterday and avoid that headache.  So far so good.

My usual run through Toluca Lake.  Love running through there.  Quiet streets, not a lot of traffic.  Shade.  Great place to run.  Also wanted to note that I usually run before my evening meal, I’m just listing activity last on these report pages.

So that’s day 2!  Another day down.  I’m realistic in that I know I won’t be losing a pound a day, but losing one off the bat sure feels like a good start.  Got the ‘offer’ for the big creative thing I’ll be doing on October 21 (the reason I’m focusing on this slimming down), si it looks like it’s a go.  Don’t want to announce too wildly until I get the contract in hand.   And my passport.  🙂

With that tease I’ll bid you a goodnight!

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Let the diet start tomorrow…

Okay.  Enough is enough.  If you want something done you have to make a change.  The change starts now.

A little backstory.  In 2004 I weighed 222 lbs.  The day I saw that on the scale was the day I decided to make a change.  Using Weight Watchers Online, over the course of a year and a half I was able to lose over 70 lbs.  I actually got too skinny.  To the point where I would get woozy every time I would stand up because I have low blood pressure.  So I went from my lowest, 148 lbs, to about 152 lbs.  And for several years after the day I reached 148 lbs, I was able to keep the weight off.

During the last year and a half, however, due to professional and personal stress and a lovely bout of depression, I have returned to my favorite friend…food.  I now weigh over 170 lbs and I feel (and, to me , look) like crap.  The clothes in my ‘new sizes’ I bought are tight and I cannot stand to look at myself in the mirror.

Last year during the advent calendar I tried to make myself a challenge to loose weight during the month of December, but it failed miserably.  I feel part of the reason it did was because I ‘felt’ I was doing it publicly with the ‘Do you know the secret?’ thing but I really wasn’t doing it publicly because it was a secret (duh).

Recently, I’ve been feeling worse and worse about my ballooning weight and tonight I decided it all changes and it’s going to change publicly.  Or at least, publicly through this blog.  🙂

Here’s my goal…by October 21, I want to lose as close to 10 pounds as possible.  I think this is an attainable goal if I’m focused on eating right and exercising.  It’s also a small goal.  I’m not saying I want to lose 20 or 30 pounds.  Just 10.  And not even exactly 10, as close to it as I can get.  9 is got.  So is 8.  Lower than that…well, we’ll see.  1 or 2 pounds is NOT acceptable.

Why October 21?  Because something is happening professionally then that I hope I’ll get to announce later this week.  It’ll involve travel and I want to make sure I don’t have to go out and buy new clothes for this adventure.

How am I going to do it.  First, exercise.  I’m actually pretty good at this.  I run daily.  Just about everyday for 30 minutes.  Sometimes more.  I’m going to step that up and add back in the Wii Fit.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Just as I’ve committed myself to writing 500 words a day, I’ll commit to exercising right.

Exercise doesn’t do you any good though if you run and then eat a huge burrito with sour cream and guacamole.  So the other component is eating right.  A much harder thing to accomplish.  I was thinking about it tonight and I think in order to accomplish part to I’ll have to become one of ‘those people.’  Those people who take pictures of their food.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to start taking a picture of everything I eat.  I’m not going to clog my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram feeds with these though, they’ll all be posted right here.  I’ll just do one post at the end of the day that shows everything I ate.  It’ll be a picture of the food before I eat it, you jerk! 🙂  I’ll also post what exercise I did that day as well.

I promise to be honest.  If I slip and get the , aforementioned, burrito, you’ll see a picture of it and you are welcome to publicly shame me.  Also, every Wednesday, I’ll post my weight so we can see how I did.

Here’s to hoping that by making this public, it works.  They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  I’ve got 20.  I’d better get going.  But first, one last cookie. 😉

Thanks for reading!

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