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The Ultimate Nerd-ament is back!

It’s back!  The show that Russ Walko and I created for Stan Lee’s YouTube Channel, The Ultimate Nerd-ament, is back with brand new episodes.  Last time around, we wanted to find out the most popular superpower.  This time we’re attempting to determine: WHICH AVENGER WOULD YOU RATHER BE?!

The first episode is here and it pits Iron Man versus Thor!  A legendary battle to be sure!  Check out this new episode here:

We were a little nervous that this Nerd-ament wouldn’t resonate as well with people as the last one did.  For the last one, people could really personalize the two superpowers in question.  For this one, people are just picking between two superheroes.

We shouldn’t have worried though, people have very strong opinions on which superhero they’d rather be and the end result is awesome!

If I was going to legitimately answer the question of who I’d rather be, Iron Man or Thor, I think I would have to side with Stanley and pick Thor.  When I was reading comics growing up, Iron Man was just never interesting to me.  I did read a lot of Thor though.  I always thought reading a Thor comic book was a lot like reading Shakespeare in high school.  People were impressed when they realized you could understand it.  Okay, no one was impressed.

Anyway, I hope you’ll check out this new season and follow along on World of Heroes.  We have a few ideas for a third season, but more about that later.  In the mean time, who would YOU rather be?

Iron Man or Thor?

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