10 in 20 – Day #16 – The Half Pound Gamble

So this morning I get up start to get ready for the day and step on the scale.


Yep.  You read that right.  Just one, tiny half pound away from the goal.  So great, especially after so many days at 171lbs.  This is working and the goal is totally reachable.  Now here comes the gamble.

A friend of mine told me that she wanted to take me out for lunch as sort of a going away present before Toronto.  I said of course and she suggested by weakness…say it with me now…barbecue.  I was really, really torn.  Being so close to the goal this morning, could I risk going to a barbecue place and not gorging out on my favorite food of all time?

After some thought I decided to say yes.  I wanted to test myself.  I wanted to prove to myself I could go to a barbecue place and eat a SENSIBLE barbecue meal. Could it be done?  Could I resist the 3 Meat Combo I love so much and just have a little barbecue?  I told myself, yes, I could.  And thus began the gamble.

Earlier this year I discovered Smoke City Market in on Van Nuys in Sherman Oaks.  J. Elvis Weinstein had mentioned it to me and after trying it a few months ago I was hooked!  Their brisket is amazing.  All their meats are good but that brisket…amazing.  So that where we went today and I have to say I did extremely good.  I had a brisket sandwich.  It comes with a side and I chose their apple & cabbage slaw.  It’s not really heavy on the mayo, more vinegary instead.  It’s great.  And when I went to total up the points, I OVER calculated the coleslaw just to be sure.

What I discovered by calculating up the points is that the brisket sandwich at Smoke City is pretty even, points wise, with the Pan Con Bistec from Portos.  That fact just made me smile.  I always figure that barbecue was so good that it must be super high points.  That’s stupid because it’s just the same a regular meat products.  Heavy points come in from the sauce and, while I did have sauce with my meal, I only had a very little amount.  Why?  Because their brisket is so good you don’t need it.

So I ate my sandwich, my slaw this morning, then found myself growing hungry in the afternoon and had some apples & grapes.  Then for dinner I chose the same as last night.

Now I said this was all a gamble and it was.  I could very see a weight gain tomorrow.  I actually don’t think I will as my point intake today was only 2 points more than what it was yesterday.  Somehow, eating my favorite food has tricked my brain into thinking I over did it.  Even though I went on an EXTRA run today.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Okay, on to the food!


Smoke City Market Brisket Sandwich, barbecue sauce & cabbage & apple slaw – 17 WW Points
I totally over estimated the coleslaw in this but I wanted to make sure I stayed on point.  Also, there’s no sauce pictured there but I only had very little.  This was a good meal.



Apple Slices & Grapes – 1 WW Points
Apple Slices & Grapes.  What more can you say?


Quaker Lower Sugar Maple & Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal & 1 Fun Size bag of pretzel M&Ms – 8 WW Points
Same dinner as last night.  Still as good.

ACTIVITY – 51 Mins Running

Okay, see you tomorrow!


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