Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 12, 2014 – Pittsburgh No Show

This morning we awoke to the news that, for various reasons, we would not be performing our show in Pittsburgh. We always make the best of things so we used it to explore Pittsburgh.

I met up with Rob Johnston who was super gracious and drove me all around Pittsburgh. We had a great time talking about Vine, Muppets, everything. He took me to have a Primanti Brother’s sandwhich. Wow. That is a sandwich. I had hot sausage. To that they add French fries, coleslaw and tomatoes. I opted out having egg on it. It was great.


After lunch we went and filmed a few vines that, if you follow Rob and Uncle Interloper, you’ll see in the future. I can’t thank Rob enough for his help in promoting the Pittsburgh show and his hospitality of driving me a round. Rob’s a great guy and if we lived closer there’d be some crazy creative fun coming from us.

Around 3:00 PM, our tour bus arrived and it was time to hit the road. As is tradition we made a short stop to get groceries. We only needed enough for a four hour drive but, as you can see from the picture, we got enough to feed a family of four for four weeks. I was sure to put a few googly eyes in the store.


Then we were on the road. Someone purchased the DVD of Men In Black at the store to watch on route. Why? Because Tim Blaney plays Frank The Pug! So as the moving played, Tim did. a puppeteer’s commentary! After Men In Black ended, Short Circuit began. Tim was the puppeteer and voice of Johnny Five. So the Blaney Movie Marathon continued.

I spent most of the journey in my bunk. I really like it because it’s your own little space and after awhile you forget you are on a bus. I highly recommend it. Unless you are tall. They a rent that long. I have a ritual bunk I always sleep in and was lucky enough to snag it again this trip.

We arrived in Springfield around 9:00 PM and had an amazing dinner at a place called Seasons Bar & Grille. It was so good. I had a cup of African Peanut Soup. Best soup with peanuts in it I’ve ever had. It was a place where every item on the menu sounded incredible and it was difficult to decide what to have. People are already talking about going back tomorrow. I thanked them with some googly eyes to remember us by.

After dinner we got our luggage from the bus and then checked into the hotel for the night. They issued earplugs when we checked in. Not sure if that bodes well for the evening ahead. Hopefully it’ll be fine.

Super excited for our show tomorrow. There were posters all over the town and even in the hotel. Looks like Springfield, OH is ready for some puppet fun! I have a good feeling tomorrow’s show will be one for the record books. Everyone is ready to Puppet Up!


3 thoughts on “Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 12, 2014 – Pittsburgh No Show”

  1. Man – my hometown sucks! They don’t know what they just missed. There is a food truck in LA now that serves Primani style sandwiches. They park on the hill above our house about once a week. I’ll let you know next time they’re in the neighborhood and we can have a sammich and some perogies.

    1. It was aan amazing sandwich. I got kind of a weird look when I said I didn’t want the egg, but it had fries and slaw in it already!! 🙂

      1. Yeah, back in college, when I used to burn a bazillion calories a day, I’d do the fried fish sandwich with the works. Those were the days. The sammies on the food truck are pretty close – not as “dense” but really yummy. When you get back from your world tour, I have two propositions for you. Let me know when you’re done screwing around with puppets for big bucks and are available to mess around for free ; – )

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