Puppet Up Spring 2014 Tour – March 17, 2014 – Home.

Well, the Puppet Up crew is safely back in Southern California.  Heard we missed a pretty good earthquake this morning.  I’m sure we’ll get an aftershock or two.

We left Madison, Wisconsin at around 7:00 AM and bussed it to Chicago O’Hare airport.  There we parted ways with the New York part of our company, Julianna and Greg as they took off for New York.  After that it was just a short, four hour, plane trip to the west coast and then a ride from LAX, back to where it all began, The Jim Henson Company lot.  The weather is warm and it was good to get back to where you didn’t need a ton of layers to keep yourself warm.  Sorry, midwest, we love you, but it’s cold.

It was a fun tour, as they all are.  Congratulations to Tim and Vanessa on their first tour.  They both did amazing.  Was also great to see Sean get more shows under his belt as well.  And, as always, it’a a blast to be on the road with Peggy.  Huge thanks to Julianna, Greg and Cameron for their tireless work behind the scenes.  And thanks to Patrick for trusting me enough to host a few shows this go round.

Next up, Australia.  I haven’t decided yet or not if I’ll be doing a daily post for the trip to Australia.  I just don’t feel there would be much more I can say that would be any different from the trip reports I’ve already done.  More and more liking the idea of cutting off all social media/internet contact while I’m Down Under.  I don’t know, I haven’t decided.  At any rate, thanks for tuning in for this adventure, if you did.  It was a blast.20

Puppet up!

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  1. Would love to hear adventures from OZ… But, do what you like… Have a GRAND & GLORIOUS time! 🙂 Much love & safe travels!

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