Puppet Up Down Under 2014 – April 10, 2014 – Comics


I’m afraid today’s post won’t be all that interesting, but perhaps it will. Let’s find out together.

The morning started as they all have, pretty much, with a run on the treadmill and some weight lifting. I rally like the gym here where we are staying. It’s big and roomy and the treadmills overlook this busy little side street. It provides plenty of opportunities to people watch as you are working out. The only problem with today’s workout is that there’s a radio in the room and someone had it cranked. I had my earbuds in listening to Nerd Poker, but could still hear the radio. Frustrating, but what can you do? Nothing. After working out I showered and answered a few emails. The. Went out for a walk.

Still rainy here in Melbourne, but not cold, so very pleasant to walk around if you don’t mind the rain. I headed to the comic book store to see what was new. I like this store because, along with comics and the usual comic book store items, they sell vintage toys. I could look at the case of Masters of the Universe and M.A.S.K. Toys all day and remember my childhood playing with them. I wound up not buying anything (comics or toys) but it was fun to look. I then went and grabbed some lunch at Subway.

Funny thing about the Subways here. I have only seen one that sells chips (and I mean potato crisps, not chips as in French fries). They all sell sandwhiches, cookies (and brownies) but only one had chips and they had a very small rack of them. So I got a sandwich, then went over to 7-11 to buy chips. They have 7-11s just about every five feet here in Australia. There’s 7-11 here that you can stand in front of and see two other 7-11s. They are kind of like Australia’s Starbucks. I’ve only seen one Starbucks.

Anyway, chips and sandwich in had I headed back to the hotel. Had to spend a little time hanging in the lobby while our apartment was cleaned. Then I actually went up and napped for a little bit after doing some writing and emails.

Around 5:00 PM, I went out to get some dinner. I found a great place we had walked past a ton of times called Nando’s. It reminded me a lot of my favorite chicken/burrito place Charo Chicken. Had a nice lite chicken dinner and then headed to the theater.


At the theatre we did our usual tech and then rehearsed this new piece that, I believe, will work its way into the show tomorrow night. It is coming together, so we shall see. Rehearsal went right up to half hour call and then it was time to get ready for the show.

Tonight’s show was a blast. Lots of fun suggestions from the crowd and a great, fifteen year old, audience puppeteer. We had anal probes at the lobotomy clinic, Kanye West at a talent show and the hot dogs landing in the moon. The alien barbershop suggestion was Onion Farming

I love onion farming
I’ll do it to my death.
I love plowing the field
But I hate my bad breath.

After the show, I went out to help with the Facebook pictures and meet the audience, which is always fun,, then, not being invited anywhere, I just headed back to the room to do some more writing.


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