Puppet Up Down Under – April 11, 2014 – Breezy


Woke up well roasted and headed to the gym. After a run on the treadmill and lifting some weights I went back and showered. Then I felt with that darn washer/dryer combo I’ve mentioned earlier. I was finally able to get my clothes to come out semi-wrinkle free. They were perfect but what can you do?

I then went out and got a nice salad with chicken for lunch and then just went back to my room to work on a little writing.

At 3:45, I went with Brian to meet up with Patrick, Julianna and Peggy to go do some press. Just a photo basically of one of the other comedians here at the festival and some of the puppets. Then we went back up to the theatre to have a meeting about how the show was going to be mixed up tonight, some new structures and the debut of our new piece. Then we went down for tech rehearsal to work out that new piece.


The new piece is a set, non-improved, piece called Breezy. For those of you who have seen the show in Toronto, or at the Kirk Douglas Theatre or on the brief Midwest tour, it’s very similar to a piece we no longer do. Ted’s character is singing a song about a girl and is describing her as being ver ‘breezy.’ The rest of us are working two table top back up singers. During the song chaos breaks out because of a powerful fan off stage that is blowing the back up singers’ hair. I won’t go I to any more details because you should see the bit.

It went well for our first run before a live audience tonight. And tonight’s show was a lot of fun. Great suggestions from the crowd. We saw some Speed Dating get out of hand, the Hot Dogs doing synchronized swimming while talking about becoming vegetarians, a game show centered around Celebrity Death and, as always, an Alien Barbershop number. This one was about Marriage Counseling.

I’m in marriage counseling.
Going well, it’s not.
My wife’s a fucking bitch,
But the counselor is hot.

Got a pretty good laugh there at the end. As I said, it was a super fun show and I think the audience enjoyed it. After we went out to take photos with the audience in the lobby and that’s always fun. People are always excited to see the puppets up close and get their photos taken.

After getting back to the hotel, Dan and I went to scrounge up some food. At one of the places we went, I met a cashier who was from Redwood City, just a few short miles from my hometown. That was fun meeting someone from close to home, so far away from home. Her and I both commented on how much Melbourne is like San Francisco.

Then it was back to the hotel to do so,e writing and do some FaceTime calls to Florida before hitting the hay. Tomorrow is another show day and I’m super excited.

Living the dream.


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