Puppet Up Down Under – April 9, 2014 – Rain


It was a rainy day today here in Melbourne, but that’s fine. This city still holds its charm over me. Besides, I kinda like it a little overcast at night.

But in the morning I got up and got to the gym. Feeling really good about hitting the gym hard every day. Probably haven’t lost any weight because the food here is so good, but I’d bet I’m maintaining. After working out I, answered some emails and did a bit of surfing on the net. Then I struck out for some lunch.

After lunch I met up with Dan to go over the thing we’re working on for Puppet Up. Let me just say, Dan is a master and really nailed exactly what we were going for. Now it’s all on my shoulders to break it down and see if it;ll work. I hope it does. I think it’ll be a fun addition to the show. After that Dan, Brian and I hung out in Brian and I’s room for a bit, just relaxing until it was time to head over to the theatre for call.

At call we did our usual soundcheck and then ran through the new piece we hope to put in the show in the next day or so. It’s coming a long, but there’s a steep learning curve on this one, so we are making sure we do it right.


In the early afternoon I was rocked by the news of the passing of pro wrestler Ultimate Warrior. He was a big part of wrestling when I was a kid and I was really shocked to hear he had passed. Especially since it was so good to see him this past weekend at the Hall of Fame and the Wrestlmania activities. Lucky I met him a year or so back. In his Hall of Fame speech he said he always thanked his fans when they came up to him and it’s true, he did. Even though I jokingly told him I was mad at him for beating Honky Tonk Man for the intercontinental championship, I was still, secretly, a fan. He will be missed.

Tonight’s show was one of the best so far in this run. The suggestions were fun and it seemed most of the improvs were really hitting home. We saw Cat Curling (yes, the olympic sport…with cats), the Hot Dogs played Rock Paper Scissors, we saw a scene from Game of Thrones and the Alien Barbershop suggestion was Moon Cups. I’d never heard of Moon Cups before but we were quickly told it’s a feminine sanitary device. My autobiographical rhyme was:

Some sanitary devices,
Are called Moon Cups.
And if I ever saw one,
I would probably throw up.

Such a fun show, from top to bottom. After the show we went out to take photos with the audience and that is always a blast.

After heading back to the hotel, Dan and I struck out for dinner. It was a soggy evening but it wasn’t cold at all and we walked around the streets enjoying the people watching and looking for someplace to eat. After dinner, it was back to the hotel to write these words and just chill out.

“Every man’s heart one day beats its final beat. His lungs breathe a final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others and makes them bleed deeper and something larger than life then his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized.” – Ultimate Warrior – April 7, 2014 (The day before his death.)


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